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New Mexico State Record Black Bear

Big Boar caught by Crook, Sissy, and Little Girl on October 24, 2013          Preliminary Boone and Crocket Score breaks New Mexico State Record by 1/4"; scored 22 4/16" before drying period and 21 4/16" Dry.   Crook caught "Five" Bear in "Six" Days on one of the roughest Mountains in New Mexico!  Caught this Bear on the Last Day of the Hunt.


Sire: F.B.M.C.B.O. Treiber's Rodeo Curley (Jed)

Dam: F.B.M.C.B.O. Sons' Little Bit

Crook is one of the best dogs I have ever had the privilege to follow.  He was striking off the ground at four months and off the rig at six months of age.  By the time he was eight months old he was stopping some really big, bad boars by himself.  This dog has no backup in him.  Yet, he is smart and athletic enough to stay alive.   Crook caught his first bear in September 2009, before he turned a year old.  Jed, passed on all his traits to his offspring and  Crook does the same!

West Texas Boar

Mark, Crook, and Sissy in the Background, (Crook's Litter mate), with Bad West Texas Boar caught and dispatched with a knife after Crook Caught when we arrived at bay .  Dogs came off Rig and had him caught in less than 2 minutes, approximately 3/4 mile from Truck.  They rolex replica uk this far because that's where boar was when Crook struck off of rig.  Crook catches Bear the same way!  He strikes Bear off rig where they are; not where they have been!   If wind is right, We have saw him go as much as a mile in before reaching bear.  Since he doesn't bark until he gets replica watches and he's coming from down wind, bear has no clue what's going on till he gets there.  By then it's too late.  Bear has to bay or climb.  Trust me, Bear has no choice.  We catch bear/boars....We don't chase them!  Unlike, some breed of hounds, which are bred to care more about the actual chase than they do about the catch.  These Foundation Blackmouth's dogs don't trail for the hublot replica uk of the chase but, however, for the sake of the catch.  I've hunted every breed of dogs, on every dangerous and non dangerous game species of North America since I was 8 years old.  I've seen and had good dogs of every breed.  I won my first Texas UKC night hunt at the age of 11 years old and I am now 57.  Point being; I've been doing this for a long time and generally can't be tag heuer replica uk on what any dog is doing or not doing when in the woods. What these Yellowblackmouth dogs do better than most is catch about 99.9% of the game they start.  Again, I believe it's because they strike for only one reason....and that's to catch.  Another small note; we catch about 99.9 Big Boars.  There is also a reason for this.  I know dog packs that catch 99.9 sows and/or piglets. They target them because it's easier and safer! Crook has NEVER caught neither.  Some of my females will catch a sow now and then but not often.  Trust me; dogs know exactly what rolex replica after when they start a track.  Make no mistake, I've got nothing against standing around a camp fire and listening to dogs trail; I love it.  But, I'd rather be listening to them bay or tree the biggest boar on the mountain!

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