Yellow Blackmouth Curs Online

Weatherford's Ben

Weatherford's Ben world champion hog catch dog, world champ cow dog, world bench champion, hall of famer, to date has produced the only world champion other than himself. Has produced many other hall of fame dogs and is the nations number one all time producing stud dog for this breed. Of the top ten stud dogs of record most carry Ben genetics, some are sons, some are grand sons, and one is even a great grand son. As a matter of fact there is only one top ten stud dog not carrying the Ben genetics.  In Randy Wright's humble opinion Ben was the best cow dog he ever saw until his son Wright's Bounty Hunter got old enough to show his stuff. Hunter works identical to Ben in that he is a rock solid catch dog that even hard core bulldog men can admire, and have.  A cold nosed wide hunter that proved he would rather pass out baying cattle right next to water than look out for a drink an leave his work. Now that's desire folks and it don't come easy you gotta have it in the genes so you better start with it right up front or your playing catch up. Ben was 65 pounds in working shape, produced heart, intelligence, drive and desire. Bred by Mike Bauman in Oklahoma Ben was fawn yellow, black nosed, long legged, deep wide chested, high tight flank, long body. Was known to have been placed on a 24 hour old track of some rank Braford brush cattle which he then trailed 6 miles or so bayed, an settled to be penned. Ben was known to have a slobbering glaze eyed focus on a bay, really worked a front end lead but had the intelligence listen, and so do his pups given the right stimulation an training.  This ain't a flaming advertisement just some truths about an outstanding line of working dogs and what kind of things you can expect when you make a move towards the Foundation Blackmouth Cur for a working breed. There were 40 + litters off Ben all turned out to be above average for the most part, he has pups in 43 states, doing a wide range of different tasks showing the breeds versatility, there are 18 different breeding programs using this blood in the states an one in Canada, most are stock working or professional hunters. Folks, facts just can't lie!

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